Our Mission

As curators of innovation, indieEDU’s mission is to bring new EdTech products to the Higher Education market and to put best in class products in students’ hands.

Who We Are

We are an independent team of highly experienced Higher Ed sales professionals with a minimum of 10 years of experience in HE institutional sales. Our team of seasoned professionals brings existing customer relationships and profound customer and industry knowledge to our customers.

What We Do

Feet on the street is essential to bringing viable products to the HE marketplace but assembling an experienced sales force can be cost prohibitive and require a significant ramp up period. As a team of independent contractors, we fill in this gap and help companies realize their full market potential.

Who Are our Clients?

indieEDU works with startup and established companies who are trying to expand their sales reach in the higher education channel as well as VC firms involved with EdTech companies and products.


Our full suite solution includes:

Product Positioning

We’ll advise you as to where your product fits and who should/could be using it.

Analyze products to determine obstacles or advantages.

Provide updates on regulatory rulings and accreditation requirements which impact product development (i.e. ADA).

Sales Strategy

Analyze revenue model options.

Develop use cases.

Determine revenue potential based upon existing customer data and opportunity structure.

Sales Execution

Your products will be introduced to established key clients that are decision makers.

We eliminate the cold call phase by tapping into our customer relationships.

Candid customer feedback – is your product or service resonating with your prospective customers? If no, why not?