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Retention, Completion
Academic Sharing:
More Options for Students More Revenue for Schools

College Consortium is an inter-college enrollment platform that enables member institutions to seamlessly enroll students/share online courses and tuition revenue on their Academic Sharing Platform (ASP).

Teaching Members are institutions which currently offer courses online and can be both a TM and EM. Enrolling Members can be on ground only schools, hybrid and online schools as all teaching modalities can take advantage of the multiple benefits of the ASP.

Sample Results

• Our first schools — Schreiner University and Texas Wesleyan — graduated 5% and 3% more students, respectively, in just 2 terms
• 10 schools have used courses to enhance their curriculum (i.e. added game programming, developmental math or ASL), replace under-enrolled sections, or even open satellite campuses
• Our 15 most active schools have generated over $1M in new revenue and student savings

Student Connectivity, Course Persistence, Student Retention

At its core, InScribe is a learning support resource that connects communities of educators and students to provide highly scalable, context specific support, when and where students need it most. InScribe provides multiple levels of learning support, based on each student’s preferences and needs.

Students can help themselves via access InScribe’s Knowledge Base and Q&A Repository, get help from the community by submitting new questions for response from the support community or When self-help paths are not enough, a student can connect with an available member of the support community directly, via message or live chat.

Integrated into your existing curriculum, this shared knowledge base makes your existing content more accessible and meaningful to students.
When students get the support they need, when they need it, they are empowered to overcome academic challenges and stay in school. InScribe enables institutions to provide this support in a scalable way, while helping students build the skills, self-confidence, and resilience they need for success in college and in life.

Student Engagement,
Employability skills

Real Time Cases are real companies, dealing with real challenges, in real time. These case study videos are current, engaging, and relevant; Real Time Cases prepares students for real world scenarios they will face on the job. By providing students insight to the challenges presented in an actual professional work environment, Real Time Cases bridges the gap between the professional work environment and higher education

There are over 100 Real Time Cases to choose from in the Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurshipwith new cases being added monthly. Each case has an accompanying comprehensive teaching guide developed by an instructional design team. With clear objectives, these cases can be easily integrated into your course or discipline track.

Career Placement, Mentoring, Personal branding, Networking

Featuring Building Your Career with LinkedIn: Mindful Career Coaching taught by Coach Ron Nash, this comprehensive, tactical course shows students how to develop their personal brand, explore career options and find jobs! This self-paced, mobile friendly, on demand resource is ideal for augmenting your efforts to help find your students jobs in their field of study. CRN teaches students how to use the most powerful professional network in the world to their advantage.

The comprehensive program, Coach Ron Nash (CRN) Career Center includes an on demand course – Building Your Purpose: Mindful Career Mentoring taught by Andrea Shaw as well as live coaching and mentoring sessions. CRN is a highly effective and valuable resource for students, job seekers and alumni.